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The ultralight backpack stove is handy and just plain works. It uses standard and widely available Butane/Propane canisters with the threaded valve.

The valve of this backpacking stove is fully adjustable. You can turn it way down to a low simmer, and it holds there, or crank it up and boil away.

This camp stove concentrates its flame in the middle. It works, and saves time and energy by giving you the means to light or relight your backpacking camping stove when needed. The fins which hold the pot above the burner, make sure you fold the top out before placing your pot on top.

The body of the backpacker stove itself is pretty durable and still hasn’t rusted in humid environment. Speaking of fuel, this stove is very fuel efficient. Also by using a wind screen (it’s a custom folded piece of heavy duty aluminium foil) you will find that all backpacking stoves work even better than advertised.

Features & Specifications

Stove Base Material: Stainless Steel
Support Material: Copper
Output: 1.680 kilocalories / 1.94kW / 6.666 BTU
Ignition: Built-in electric-spark ignition system
Dimensions: Approx. 2.8″ x 2.8″ x 3″(Unfolded)
Package Size: 3.15″ x 2.36″ x 1.81″


  • This lightweight camping stove is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel which can stand high temperature and weight, compact and collapsible design combined with a carrying case for enhanced portability.
  • Lightweight backpacking stove has adjustable control valve for fast maximum heat output all the way down to a simmer quickly and efficiently. The flame can be varied from a small flame you might need to make sunny side up eggs perfectly, to a blazing inferno that can probably power a hot air balloon (or boil water in the morning asap (about a minute or less at sea level)).
  • Camp stove is easy to set up: Pull the backpacker stove out of it’s little carry box and open out the Pot Supports. Turn out the extensions and spin the whole thing onto a tank. (You have to press it into the tank a little bit.) Finger tighten it and you’re ready to go. Turn on the fuel and hit the ignitor and it’s lit easy as that.
  • This backpacking camping stove weighs only 3.9oz and packed in the case. Piezo Ignition system allows for the ultralight camp stove to have a quick ignition and a with a strong valve connection the flame stays consistent and strong even when adjusting from high to low settings.
  • These backpacking stoves work with any screw top butane / propane canisters, available just about anywhere. This ultralight backpack stove is an ideal for camping, backpacking, overnight trips and many other outdoor activities.