Camping Recipes For Kids


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Kids Love These Recipes

Happy little campers start with good food.

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Here’s a taste of what you get in this book:

    The camping checklist to save you hours of prep time.

    The single best game to give kids to play that only needs one simple item you already own.

    How to add parmesan to vegetables to make kids come back for more.

    WARNING: Don’t make this chocolate skillet unless you make enough for everyone.

    Why granola isn’t just just for breakfast.

    The single best competition to S’mores.

    The truth about adding vegetables to potatoes that kids can’t stop eating.

    Why adding bacon to corn creates a flavor bomb you’ve never had before.

    The fastest, tastiest hotdog you’ve ever had. Hint, add pineapple.

    If you like cheese, then these cubes will create a very happy campsite.

    Why you’ve been eating bananas wrong and how to serve them for dessert.

    The sneaky ice cream recipe that will keep kids quiet because they’re eating too fast to talk.

    The dessert burrito you’ll wonder why you’ve never had before.

    What do you get when you add smoky flavor with pizza? Kid’s dinner heaven.

    How to turn an ordinary bag of chips to extraordinary flavor packets.

    The taco ring with bacon bits you campsite will not be able to resist.

    The secret ingredient to add to chicken dummies that will make kids lick their grubby fingers for more.

    How eating tarantulas becomes a tasty fun hobby.

    Sloppy joe reinvented will save you time and stress feeding the entire campsite.

    The secret use of a paper bag with an egg you’ve never thought of for breakfast.

    A dessert orange exploding with chocolate sneaks in some healthy nutrients to an old time favorite.

    How to grill fruit the correct way for kids so they come back for more.

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