Billy’s Outdoor Survival Adventure: A Prepper’s Knife

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Most boys love pocket knives, and Billy was no exception. The only thing Billy loved more was birthdays and the beauty and charms that an Army Navy surplus store possessed for him. Today was his special day and he had just come of age to join the Boy Scouts.
Tomorrow he was going away to summer camp with his best friend and little did they know it but that is where their survival adventure and education would begin. Things get a bit crazy when what used to be their Den Mother, becomes their Scout Master, and while giving the boys a ride to camp the car suddenly breaks down in the woods with them and her Girl Scout niece.
The area they get stuck in is an old Boy Scout camp by the lake that had recently been destroyed by a tornado. No cell phones, no power, no water, no tents. The oddly matched four must survive until rescue comes. This a fun book that humorously entertains while making you think more about survival in the woods and life’s lessons for yourself. The book also includes a few survival tips and tricks like how to build a minnow trap out of a pop bottle.